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Looking for Blunt Force Media?  You’ve come to the right place.   After deciding to expand our offerings to computer hardware services, Blunt Force Media as a name no longer accurately described everything we were trying to accomplish.  Rest assured, the same custom WordPress sites are still available, as is the support for those sites.

Designing, crafting and delivering your message to the masses.

I’ve been there…

I’ve been right where you are right now.  I wanted to enhance my online presence.  I wanted to take advantage of a potential worldwide audience.  I wanted to be able to update my offerings and share them as needed.  When I decided that this would be my mission, I scoured the internet to find a low-cost, fully featured solution.  After a late night mucking about in the search engines, it was time to launch my project!


If I knew then what I know now…

The first thing I decided to do was to cobble together a free blog, a free website and a free online shopping cart.  After all, who doesn’t love free?  I considered myself pretty tech-savvy and went about entering all of my information into each free site.  Having done that, I just needed to get them all working together and tweak the looks and features to my own desires. I spent the better part of a weekend getting into the individual settings of all of these free offerings.  I soon realized that they were only truly free if I considered my time invested in them to be free as well.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider my time to be free unless it’s, you know, free time to use as I please!  Here’s where I had my first ‘Uh-oh’ moment.

rdsignTime for a reality check…

I soon realized that, while still useful for certain people, the free or low cost solutions were not what I needed to customize my online presence, further my branding strategies and tie all of my methods of reaching my customers into a nice, neat package.  My first instinct was to bury my nose in some books, roll up my sleeves and get to work on the skills I needed.    I began to realize that I just didn’t have the time or knowledge to go it alone.  It’s tough to find the time to run a business while becoming a self-taught web designer and it certainly doesn’t leave  enough time for anything else.  While this was not the outcome I expected from my journey, I discovered that there are many others that are in the same situation I was in.  An even more important discovery was the simple fact that I dig this stuff.  Developing a site for someone inspires me.  I enjoy being able to take the vision that you have in your head and translating it into an attractive, functional extension of your business.  That is why I began to accumulate the skills and tools needed to deliver a great online experience at a reasonable price.


Why we’re here…

 Ashore specializes in creating websites that feature the powerful WordPress content management system.  We take special care to deliver customized  solutions to enhance your online presence.  Would you simply like a blog that you can update yourself?  We can set that up for you, all with custom designs, themes and widgets.  How about e-commerce?  We can set up an online shopping presence  for very competitive rates.  Feeling adventurous and want to take the DIY route?  We’re here for you:  our free member resources can help you get the job done!  All of our solutions come with layout, design and consideration for search engine optimization.  Our goal is to be able to deliver your message to the world the way you want it delivered.  I look forward to working with you!

Christian Ficara
Ashore PC